Dear Students,

The Centre of Modern Languages invites you to study the following credit courses in different languages. Click on the name of the subjects below to read the course description of each subject with its Neptun code.

The descriptions are in English, however, most of the subjects are taught not only in English, but also in other foreign languages. If you wish to study them, you should speak the language at level B2 or have minimum 75 TOEFL IBT scores.




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Summary for Language Courses Offered For Erasmus and Study Abroad Students in Autumn of 2022

(the description of the course can be read by clicking on the name of the subject)


Beginners’ Hungarian Course – Part 1

Hungarian Culture


B2/ Business English

B2 / Communication Skills – English

B2/ Cross-cultural Communication – English

B2 / English for Engineers

English for University Studies – B2+

Professional writing – English – C1


B2/ Business German

B2 / Communication Skills – German

B2/ Cross-cultural Communication – German

B2 / German for Engineers

German for studies  – B2+

German in Company Contexts  – B2


B2/ Business Spanish

B2 / Communication Skills – Spanish


Enrollment in our courses is regulated by the Code of Studies of BME. Before enrolling, please consult the BME regulations as well as your faculty regulations.

Should you have any problem, please contact the Centre of Modern Languages in building E, floor 9/7 or send an e-mail to

The Centre of Modern Languages also organizes foreign language courses from A1 level to C1 level, students interested should contact BME Nyelviskola (BME Language School) in Building E, floor 9, room 3.



FAQ – Frequently asked questions:

  • I have been informed that courses are available in German (French, Spanish etc.) at basic level, and I would like to know how to register.

Since the language of instruction in the case of general language courses is Hungarian, we do not take foreign students for these courses.

  • How can I register for a language course? Do I have to go to the Centre for Modern Languages?

As with other subjects, students have to register for language courses via the Neptun system individually. Without registration on Neptun, you cannot attend a language course. Registration in person at the Centre for Modern Languages is not possible.

  • When is the deadline for registration?

Registration for language courses is possible only during the registration period. We accept requests for late enrolment only until the third week of the semester via Neptun by using the E018 request form. Please do not bring a request form for late course enrolment to the Centre in person. We accept online requests only.

  • I submitted my request for late enrolment, why was it rejected?

– If the maximum number of students has been reached, then we do not accept any more students even if they hold adequately completed requests. We advise you to check the number of places available before submission. If there are only a few places available, please reconsider sending your request.

We reject the requests after the third week of the semester, because all language courses are practical, regular attendance is required.

  • I would like to register for a language course but there are no more places available. Can I join the course above limit, provided the instructor allows me to attend?

Please, do not contact the teachers because the limit of the language courses has been set in accordance with the course content and our policy does not allow exceeding the limits.

  • Until when and how can I cancel my enrolment in the study period?

You have to submit the E018 request form via Neptun. We will not accept any other kind of requests (including cancellation requests) irrespective of the fact whether they are forwarded to us via email, submitted on a form, or brought to the Centre in person. 

  • Can I be exempt from compulsory English courses if I present a certificate of English proficiency?

Please, do not bring any kind of certificate either to the Centre or to your course teacher because it’s not provided. 

  • I cannot attend a language course that I have registered for. Will I be able to get a grade if I take an exam at the end of the course?

All the language courses are practical seminars where attendance is compulsory (you can miss only 30% of the courses), therefore no examination will work as a substitute.  Please do not register for a language course if you know that you will have another class scheduled for the same time.