International projects

eTransFair – Erasmus+ project


Our project entitled eTransFair has been selected as one of the three winning projects under the Erasmus + (Strategic Partnership) scheme. Together with our partner institutions (Univie, Austria and Hermes, Spain), we have set out to develop an innovative knowledge exchange system – basing on the synergy of the three major stakeholders: universities, students and the translation market – which is expected to help modernise training programmes offered for specialised translators. During the three-year project we have undertaken to develop a broad range of methodological and ITC tools to bridge the gap between current educational outcomes and the actual needs of the translation market. The project also aims to provide collaborative platforms and a set of manuals to make the results transferrable for other higher education institutions. If you are interested in collaborating with us in the framework of Erasmus + and sharing best practices, please contact us at or


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